Events that take place in the year 2000, concerning Oz.


  • July 12: "A Cock and Balls Story" airs, premiering the first half of the fourth season.
  • July 19: "Obituaries" airs.
  • July 26: "The Bill of Wrongs" airs.
  • August 2: "Works of Mercy" airs.
  • August 9: "Gray Matter" airs.
  • August 16: "A Word to the Wise" airs.
  • August 23: "A Town Without Pity" airs.
  • August 30: "You Bet Your Life" airs.

Conviction and CausesEdit

  • January 2: Guillaume Tarrant is convicted of destruction of private property, concealment of a deadly weapon - destroyed a statue at a museum.
  • February 3: Moses Deyell is convicted of two counts of murder in the first degree - shot the husband of his ex-girlfriend, then after kissing his ex-girlfriend, shot her in the head.
  • March 15: Bruno Goergen is convicted of illegal possession and sales of firearms, murder in the first degree - killed a man he was attempted to sell a possessed weapon to.
  • March 22: Supreme Allah is convicted of murder in the second degree - shot a man who laughed at him when he lost a dice game.
  • April 6: Enrique Morales is convicted of murder in the second degree - murdered a man during a fight.
  • April 10: Mondo Browne is convicted of murder in the first degree - murdered a man then skinned the man's torso.
  • May 10: Leroy Tidd is convicted for armed robbery and reckless endangerment - assisted an accompliance as a getaway driver and recklessly tried to evade police when escaping.


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