"A Cock and Balls Story" is the first episode of the first part of the fourth season, and the twenty-fifth overall episode of the HBO television series Oz. Written by Tom Fontana and directed by Adam Bernstein, it originally aired on July 12, 2000. 

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Theme Edit

The United States prison system.

Summary Edit

The lockdown ends. Khan is taken off life support, and Arif assumes leadership of the Muslims. Cyril O'Reily feels guilty about Khan and has recurring nightmares about the two men he has killed. Sister Pete tries to help by setting up a victim/offender meeting between Dr. Nathan and the O'Reily brothers, but Nathan refuses to participate. During recreation time for the inmates in solitary confinement, Giles overhears Alvarez saying that Louie Bevilacqua was the true culprit in Ardith Glynn's rape; Giles stabs both inmates, killing Bevilacqua, but wounding Alvarez. Beecher continues to seek Schillinger's forgiveness and decides, against Keller's wishes, to help Schillinger find his other son Hank. This leads to tension and an eventual fistfight between Beecher and Keller. Bellinger returns to death row after miss carrying under suspicious circumstances. Governor Devlin's campaign manager invites Glynn to run for lieutenant governor alongside Devlin. McManus is upset to learn that Whittlesey, while on vacation, became engaged and will not return to Oz. Three new inmates enter Emerald City, one of them, John Basil, an undercover police officer investigating the prison drug trade. Another new inmate, Guillaume Tarrant, is bullied by Wangler, Poet and Pierce when they return to Emerald City. O'Reily advises Tarrant to stand up for himself if given the opportunity; soon afterward, Tarrant finds a gun exactly like Adebisi's in his bed. When the Homeboys harass him again, Tarrant opens fire on the common area, shooting Wangler, Pierce, Keller, and an officer before turning the gun on himself. 

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