Angus Beecher
First appearance "Conversions" (Episode 4.10)
Last appearance "Cuts Like a Knife" (Episode 4.12)
Reason/Cause Stabbed in chest by James Robson
Position Student at Law School
Gender Male
Age 21
Spouse None
Children 0
Relatives Harrison Beecher (Father, deceased)

Tobias Beecher (Brother) Holly Beecher (Niece) Gary Beecher (Nephew, deceased) Harry Beecher (Nephew) Genevieve Beecher (Sister in-law, deceased) Unnamed Mother Unnamed Grandmother

Kill Count 0
Episode Count 2
Portrayed by Jayce Bartok

Angus Beecher is the younger brother of inmate Tobias Beecher portrayed by Jayce Bartok.

Character summaryEdit

Angus is in law school, training to be a lawyer. He occasionally brings Holly Beecher to see her father Tobias Beecher in Oz. He vents to his older brother about the pressures he faces, including his performance in law school and living up to his responsibilities as a son, husband and father. When Vernon Schillinger discovers his son Hank Schillinger was murdered, Schillinger plans revenge on Toby, believing he was involved in Hank's death. Schillinger recruits James Robson to stab Angus in retaliation, but Angus somehow survives. Their father Harrison Beecher wanted to get the police involved, but Toby tells his father that the police can't do anything to help the situation, as he knows Schillinger will not relent and will possibly give him up on the murder of Hank. When Toby's lover Chris Keller falsely admits to having Hank murdered, Schillinger finally left The Beecher Family alone.