Bian Yixhue

"We left China to escape the killers, not to become one."
Bian Yixhue[src]

Ken Leung portrays Bian Yixhue in the episode "Conversions."

Character overviewEdit

Bian Yixhue is a Chinese refugee who arrives along with many others, who are temporarily being held by the Em City block. He tries to be amicable with the prisoners, but his naivete makes him an easy target for Enrique Morales's manipulation.


Season 4Edit

Ignoring Jia Kenmin's advice to keep his head down, Yixhue volunteers to be ambassador for the Chinese refugees. After Morales gains Yixhue's trust, he sets up Burr Redding to take the fall for Yixhu's murder. Yixhue is brutally killed by Morales in a storage room with a staple gun. His murder is pinned on Redding.