Brenda O'Reily
First appearance "Legs" (Episode 3.03)
Last appearance "Wheel Of Fortune" (Episode 5.05)
Reason/Cause End of Storyline
Prisoner No. None
Aliases Aunt
Gender Female
Age 50s
Date of Conviction None
Affiliations O'Reily Family
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Seamus O'Reily (Brother)

Ryan O'Reily (Nephew) Cyril O'Reily (Nephew, Deceased) Tessie O'Reily (Sister in-law, Deceased) Carolyn (Niece, Deceased)

Kill Count 0
Episode Count 5 Episodes
Portrayed by Anne Meara
Brenda O'Reily is a sister of Seamus O'Reily and a Auntie to Cyril and Ryan O'Reily portrayed by Anne Meara

Character summaryEdit

Brenda occasionally visits Cyril O'Reily and Ryan_O'Reily, Brenda hands in Cyril's favourite chocolate, Ryan tells her he cant eat them because he is training boxing, Brenda disagrees about Cyril boxing because of his accident in 1997, Ryan gets all worked up about, Brenda tells Ryan hes got the devil in him, later when Cyril is on death row, Seamus and Brenda visit through, she was relieved to see Suzanne Fitzgerald after many years, Ryan tries to convince them to get a good lawyer, Brenda tells Ryan the best way to do with Cyril is let him die and when a elderly inmate Daniel Meehan calls Brenda about Ryan O'Reily as he is sharing a pod with him and she tells Meehan that Ryan is only bad because his sister had died.

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