Carrie Schillinger
First appearance "You Bet Your Life" (episode 4.08)
Last appearance "Visitation" (episode 5.01)
"Dream a Little Dream of Me" (episode 5.03) (As spirit)
Reason/Cause Killed in a bus accident
Aliases None
Gender Female
Age 18
Date of Death January 6th, 2002
Spouse Hank Schillinger (Deceased)
Children 1
Relatives Vernon Schillinger (Father-in-law, deceased)
Arlene Schillinger (Mother-in-law, deceased)
Andrew Schillinger (Brother-in-law, deceased)
Jewel Schillinger (Daughter)
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 8 episodes
Portrayed by Jenna Lamia
Carrie Schillinger was the wife of Hank Schillinger. Portryed by Jenna Lamia.

Plot Summary Edit

Season 4 Edit

Originally from Montana, she first appears after her husband Hank Schillinger kidnaps Tobias Beecher's children and subsequently leaves town.

Vern Schillinger has no idea that his son is married and is surprised to hear he has a daughter-in-law but accepts Carrie after she shows him the marriage certificate. She tells Vern that it's very urgent and she needs to talk with Hank as she is found out after he left that she is pregnant with his child. She tells Vern that she and Hank hadn't planned the baby but they never discussed contraception.

Over the course of a few visits Vern becomes attatched to Carrie and helps her as she struggles through her pregnancy alone. She tells him that her parents don't care about her and she's not interested in going home but she's lonely as she has no friends outside of her missing husband.

After a visit, not long before Carrie delivers her child, a black inmate (Master P) tells Vern that he knew Hank on the outside, Vern thinks this is strange as his son is an ardent white supremacist (like him) but the man tells him that Hank and he were so close that Hank let the man pimp out Carrie to pay off drug debts. He adds that some of Carrie's clients were black men and the child she is pregnant with may not even be Hank's.

Vern demands Carrie have a DNA test as soon as the child is born. Carrie does as he asks and when she has the proof that it is indeed Hank's child she introduces Vern to his grandaughter, Jewel.

Vern bonds immediately with Jewel and gives his friend James Robson an evil look when Robson says it would be bad if people were to shorten his grandaughter's name to 'Jew'.

Season 5 Edit

In season 5 premiere, Carrie (with her daughter, Jewel) goes in the visitation bus to see Vern, along with other visitors of other inmates, when a truck driver falls asleep while driving and flipping over the bus. The only survivers of the accident are Jewel Schillinger and Father Ray Mukada.

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