Don Zanghi
First appearance "The Routine" (Episode 1.01)
Last appearance "Exeunt Omnes" (Episode 6.08)
Reason/Cause End of Series
Prisoner No. N/a
Aliases Zanghi
Gender Male
Age 30s
Date of Conviction N/a
Affiliations The Italians
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Kill Count 1
Episode Count 6 Credited Episodes
Portrayed by John Palumbo
Don Zanghi is an Italian inmate on the HBO drama OZ

Character summaryEdit

Zanghi is one of the Italians who has been on the show since the first season. He is one of the inmates seen earning their GED while in Oz. For the rest of the series, he is seen as Chucky Pancamo's podmate acting as one of the Italians' soldiers throughout his stay in Oz. During the narration of one episode, is hinted that, before Oz, Zanghi was a pizza deliveryman.

Plot summaryEdit

Season 1Edit

Seen as a background character

Season 2Edit

Zanghi was one of the four Italians let back into Emerald City, along with Seggio, Pancamo and Peter Schibetta. Under Peter's rule, Zanghi is used as an enforcer. When Peter is raped and shunned from The Mafia, a new leader comes along, Antonio Nappa.

Season 3Edit

Nappa is transferred to Unit E where he get suffocated to death by Nat Ginzburg. Pancamo is now the leader and Zanghi is his lieutenant.

Season 4 Part IEdit

Zanghi is known for having a fight with Homeboy inmate Mondo Browne when he attacks Zanghi, C.O Adrian Johnson sends Zahnghi to the hole and all the Italians get transferred to Unit B.

Season 4 Part IIEdit

Zanghi is back in Em City along with Chucky Pancamo and the other Italians.

Season 5Edit

Zanghi and the other Italians go to war with the Aryan Brotherhood as Chucky ordered the hit on Hank Schillinger, Schibetta goes to Kareem Said for help against the nazis and Said declines and tells him he will always be known to be one of Adebisi's bitches and Zanghi agreed with the fact. After Schibetta is raped for the second time, Zanghi takes leadership, but is replaced after a brief time by Frank Urbano. Under Urbano's rule, Zanghi is an enforcer, and Seggio is promoted to lieutenant.

Season 6Edit

Zanghi is mostly a background character in season 6. Zanghi, Pancamo, and the other Italians murder Stanley Bukowski due to Bukowski's marijuana brownie sales cutting into the profits of the Italians' drug trade.

Kill CountEdit


The Italians

Antonio Nappa - Chucky Pancamo - Nino Schibetta - Peter Schibetta - Dino Ortolani - Frank Urbano - Salvatore DeSanto - Joey D'Angelo - Don Zanghi - Mario Seggio

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