Eugenia Hill
First appearance "Visitation" (Episode 5.01)
Last appearance "Visitation" (Episode 5.01
Reason/Cause Died in a bus accident
Prisoner No. None
Aliases Genia
Gender Female
Age 60s (deceased)
Date of Conviction None
Date of Death January 6th 2002
Affiliations Augustus Hill and Burr Redding
Spouse Unnamed Husband (Deceased)
Children 1
Relatives Augustus Hill (Son, Deceased)

Annabelle Hill (Daughter in-law)

Kill Count 0
Episode Count 0
Portrayed by Mary Alice
Eugenia Hill is Augustus Hill's mother played by Mary Alice

Character overviewEdit

Season 5Edit

Eugenia comes to visit her son Augustus Hill and wants to tell her son about his wife Annabelle Hill wanting a divorce. Annabelle was the best thing that happened to Augustus. When Augustus knew his mother was visiting he decides to have Burr Redding coming with him along the visit but when the visitors have 5 minuites to Oz a tanker truck comes along and nearly crashes into the visiting bus where several visitors die as the bus turns upside down. Father Ray Mukada and Jewel Schillinger were the only survivors of the accident.

The Visitors

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