Gaetano Cincetta is an Italian hitman working for The Mafia. He was never featured on-screen, but he was mentioned a few times. He is probably most known for the hit he and his crew carried out on Hank Schillinger, under orders from Tobias Beecher. Following completion of the hit on Hank, Cincetta is not mentioned again until the next season, after the feds find Hank's body and trace it to Chucky Pancamo, who denies having any knowledge of the murder. Later, during a meeting with Beecher, Beecher asked what happened to the promise that Pancamo made about the body never being found, he then berates Cincetta and his crew for doing a lack-luster job in the disposing of Hank's body. Pancamo then expresses his disappointment towards Cincetta, and ensures Beecher that, he'd take the heat for Cincetta's mistake. After this, Cincetta is never mentioned again.

Kill Count Edit


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