Gary Beecher

Beecher's terrifying dream sequence of Gary's severed hand.
First appearance "Family Bizness" (Episode 2.05)
Last appearance "Strange Bedfellows" (Episode 2.06) "Gray Matter" (Episode 4.05) (Mentioned only)
Reason/Cause Murdered by Hank Schillinger
Position N/A
Gender Male
Age 7 (deceased)
Date of Death August 9th 2000

Relatives Tobias Beecher (Father)

Genevieve Beecher (Mother, deceased) Holly Beecher (Sister) Harry Beecher (Brother) Angus Beecher (Uncle) Harrison Beecher (Grandfather, deceased) Unnamed Grandmother Unnamed Great Grandmother

Kill Count 0
Episode Count 2
Portrayed by Unlisted actor

Gary Beecher was the son of inmate Tobias Beecher.

Charcter summaryEdit

Gary and Holly are kidnapped by Hank Schillinger under the orders of his father Vernon Schillinger, Hank severs Gary's hand and traumatizes Holly. Gary is later killed although Hank spares Holly on Vern's orders. Hank is let off on a technicality and Tobias approaches Chucky Pancamo to order a hit on Hank for revenge for Gary.

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