Louis Bevilaqua 3

Aguilar as Louis Bevilaqua

George A. Aguilar or G. A. Aguilar was a former crew member on the HBO Drama Series, Oz. Aguilar worked on the show as the stunt coordinator, but in addition to being the stunt coordinator, he also played two roles on Oz. The first was a younger version of the latino inmate, Ricardo Alvarez, Aguilar was featured during Ricardo's crime flashback. During the flashback, he can be seen murdering The Haitian. A character who had cut out Ricardo's son, Eduardo's, tongue.

In his next appearance on the show, He is seen playing another latino inmate named, Louis Bevilaqua. Bevilaqua spent most of his duration on the show in Solitary Confinement, but in the Season 4 premiere, Bevilaqua is released from solitary for the prison's new rec. time program for inmates in solitary. During his time outside, Bevilaqua attempts to avenge his fallen cousin, Carlo Ricardo, who was killed by another latino inmate named, Miguel Alvarez, but he fails and is murdered by William Giles.