The Gillette Bayonet Shank

The Gillette Bayonet as shown by Augustus Hill

The Gillette Bayonet is a Shiv used in Oz. It is formally showcased in the Season 4 episode, Cuts Like a Knife.

Description Edit

The Gillette Bayonet is created by extracting the blade from a disposable razor (hense the name), and placing the blade in the bottom of a pencil or pen. As demonstrated by Hill, the problem with putting the shiv together, is that you will most likely cut yourself in the process.

Showcase Edit

Latino inmate, Miguel Alvarez, used this shiv to kill another Latino named Jorge Vasquez. As demonstrated by Alvarez, this shiv isn't designed to stab but to slice. It is also used by Aryan inmate, James Robson, when he kills Ahmad Lalar and when he tries to get rid of his new gums.