First appearance "Plan B" (episode 1.07)
Last appearance "Plan B" (episode 1.07)
Reason/Cause End of Storyline
Position Director of Public Relations
Gender Female
Age 34
Spouse Unspecified
Relatives Unspecified
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 1 Episode
Portrayed by Aida Turturro
"Leo, look, you hired me to do PR, to give Oz's reputation a boost. You gotta trust me on this."

Grimble is a visitor and staff member featured in Oz. Portrayed by Aida Turturro.

Character SummaryEdit

She works in public relations and is hired by Warden Glynn to help give Oz a better reputation.

Plot SummaryEdit

Season 1Edit

She appears in Oz after Kareem Said has his heart attack. Glynn has hired her as Oz's new public relations director. When Channel 3 requests an interview with Said about his health condition, Grimble convinces Glynn to allow the interview to happen, as she believes that if they deny it, then the public will think that they are hiding something. Glynn agrees to the interview under the condition that it only be five minutes and 'under glass'.

Later, after the interview, Glynn speaks with Governor Devlin over the phone regarding the coverage. Devlin tells Glynn that he wants him to have a sit down with Said. Glynn is dissatisfied with the result, but Grimble tries to assure him that having a talk with Said is a good idea, and that they should get the FBI to start working on the report.


Season 1

Gallery Edit

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