Heinrick Schillinger
Heinrick when he visits his son Vernon Schillinger
First appearance "Ancient Tribes" (Episode 2.02)
Last appearance "Napoleon's Boney Parts" (Episode 3.02)
Reason/Cause lung cancer
Prisoner No. N/A
Aliases N/A
Gender Male
Age 70s
Date of Conviction Not a convict
Date of Death Sometime in 2003
Affiliations The Schillinger Family
Children 2
Relatives Vernon Schillinger (Son, deceased)
Greta Schillinger (Daughter)
Hank Schillinger (Grandson, deceased)
Andrew Schillinger (Grandson, deceased)
Arlene Shillinger (Daughter-in-law, deceased)
Carrie Schillinger (Granddaughter-in-law, deceased)
Jewel Schillinger (Great-Granddaughter)
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 2
Portrayed by Dick Bocelli
Heinrick Schillinger is a father of Vernon Schillinger portrayed by Dick Bocelli

Character summaryEdit

Heinrick had been looking after his two grandsons Hank and Andrew while their father Vernon Schillinger serves time in Oz. Heinrick and Vern dont really have a father/son relationship; Heinrick only visits Vern if there is bad news about Andrew or Hank. (Example: tells him that he chucked them out, Andrew getting sent to prison). Henrick is also a Nazi, which he taught to Vern. He is not a drug addict like his grandsons; he put Andrew & Hank out on the street because his possesions were going missing because Hank and Andrew were stealing them for cash and drugs. Later in season 6 his daughter Greta visits Vern in prison and informs him that Heinrick is dying of lung cancer (Vern shows no regret or remorse). 

Plot summaryEdit

Season 2Edit

Heinrick visits Vernon Schillinger when Vern waits for his parole hearing. He tells Vern that he chucked his sons out on the street because they were stealing from him. (Vern doesn't make it to parole as he has to serve 10 more years for conspiracy to commit murder).

Season 3Edit

Heinrick visits Vern and tells him that Andrew Schillinger got arrested for murdering a black guy by putting him on a back of a truck, Vern tells him to hire a ASA and Heinrick declines and says he is not throwing good money at the bad and says his two sons are bad and Andrew only lasted 2 weeks before dying of a heroin overdose.

Season 6Edit

Greta Schillinger (sister to Vernon and daughter to Heinrick) visits Vern and informs about Heinrick having lung cancer. Vern seems to not care but Greta tells him that their father asked for him. Shortly after Vern is accidentally stabbed to death by Tobias Beecher.

The Visitors

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