Holly Beecher
First appearance "Family Bizness" (Episode 2.05)
Last appearance "Next Stop: Valhalla" (Episode 5.04)
Reason/Cause End of Storyline
Position Schoolkid
Gender Female
Age 10

Relatives Tobias Beecher (Father), Genevieve Beecher (Mother, deceased), Gary Beecher (Brother, deceased),Harry Beecher (Brother), Harrison Beecher (Grandfather, deceased), Angus Beecher (Uncle)

Unnamed Grandmother Unnamed Great Grandmother

Kill Count 0
Episode Count 6
Portrayed by Unlisted actress

Holly Beecher is a daughter to Tobias Beecher portrayed by a unlisted actress

Character summaryEdit

Holly is first seen with her great grandmother when she and Gary visit their father, Tobias, soon after their mom Genevieve died. Holly and Gary found their mom dead in the garage, where she had left the car running to poison herself with Carbon Monoxide. Two years later, Holly and Gary are kidnapped by Hank Schilinger on the orders from his father Vern Schillinger. Holly was traumitized. Gary had his hand chopped off, then was killed. Schillinger later pays Eli Zabitz to lie to Tobias Beecher by saying Chris Keller ordered the kidnapping by hiring a guy who Keller and Schillinger both knew. Vern tells Hank to take Holly back home alive, but as Hank brings her back home, Hank is surrounded by feds and arrested. Hank gets off because of a legal technicality, so Beecher visits Chucky Pancamo to see if he can order a hit on Hank. Pancamo hires Gaetano Cincetta to kill Hank. But as Tobias is talking to Muslim inmate Kareem Said after visiting Holly, he changes his mind. Beecher goes to Chucky to cancel the hit, but he was too late. Tobias had now been getting visits from Holly regularly.

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