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Jeremy Goldstein is a jewish FBI agent. Portrayed by Scott Cohen.

Character summaryEdit

An FBI agent, he comes to Oz in season 1 investigating the murders of Dino Ortolani, Johnny Post and Emilio Sanchez

Plot summaryEdit

Season 1Edit

A drug war between the Black and Italian inmates in Oz has taken the lives of several people and baffled Oz's current investigators as for successfully prosecuting suspected inmates. At the request of Govenor Devlin, two FBI agents led by Goldstein investigate Oz for the murders that have occurred over the last couple of weeks. While going through the investigation, Goldstein experiences anti-sepitism but is able to tie together evidence that will implicate both the inmates and staff members in the various murders. When interrogating Emerald City Unit Manager Tim McManus, Goldstein accuses him of helping set up the murders as he has command over a corrupt staff of correctional officers. When McManus denies any involvement as a suspect, Goldstein states "I'm FBI. Until I got a reason not to believe it, you're a suspect." This marks the last scene with Agent Goldstien as he is never seen again on the show.

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