Jewel Schillinger
Jewel Schillinger visiting her Grandfather Vernon Schillinger
First appearance
Reason/Cause Lives with her maternal grandparents in Montana
Prisoner No. None
Aliases None
Gender Female
Age Last seen aged 10 months

Affiliations Vernon Schillinger & Hank Schillinger
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Vernon Schillinger (Grandfather, deceased)
Arlene Schillinger (Grandmother, deceased)
Hank Schillinger (Father, deceased)
Heinrick Schillinger (Great grandfather, deceased)
Greta Schillinger (Aunt)
Carrie Schillinger (Mother, deceased)

Andrew Schillinger (Uncle, deceased)

Portrayed by Unnamed Actress

Jewel Schillinger is the baby daughter of Hank Schillinger and Carrie Schillinger. She was in Season 4 and played by an unlisted actor.

She is only seen as an infant from birth to 10 months old.

She is concieved a month or so before her father (who is unaware Carrie is pregnant) leaves on the run after killing Tobias Beecher's son in a kidnap.

Her paternity was confused by the fact that her father pimped her mother to pay off drug debts and her white supremacist grandfather initially believed that Jewel's father may be one of Carrie's black clients.

A paternity test soon after Jewel's birth proved she was indeed a Schillinger and Vernon Schillinger welcomed her to the family, holding her and bonding with her.

She was involved in the prison bus crash and survived but her mother died. Just before the crash Carrie asked Father Ray Mukada if he would take the curse of the Schillinger clan off of her daughter's head.

With her father dead having never known of her existance and her mother dead in the crash she is sent to live with Carrie's parents in Montana.

Her Aunt, Greta Schillinger visits Vern after a long period of estarngement and says she attended Jewel's first birthday party

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