Jordan Wangler is the son of Kenny Wangler and Laura Wangler and is the grandson of Rosetta Wangler. He first appears in Season 1 where Laura brings him to Kenny to visit, but another reason is so Kenny can get the drugs supplied by Laura from the back of Jordan's diaper. He makes another appearance in Season 3 where Rosetta brings him to Kenny to visit, only this time, Kenny gets upset when Jordan wouldn't stop crying and he keeps telling him to stop crying. It's assumed that Kenny needs to work on his parenting skills. Later, When Kenny Wangler learns from his mother that Laura is cheating on him with Ronnie Smith, an enemy of his on the outside, Kenny orders Junior Pierce to put a hit on Ronnie and Laura. Before that though, he makes a call to his mother, telling her to get Jordan out of Laura's house. Afterwards, Tim McManus delivers the news to Kenny that Ronnie and Laura were both shot to death and that Jordan was safe and sound at his grandmother's house, leaving Kenny, Pierce, and Poet upset, but, secretly, they're glad.

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