Junkyard Dawgs
Oz episode
Episode No. Season 6, Episode 7, # 55
Directed by Theodore Bogosian
Written by Tom Fontana & Chuck Schweitzer
Original Air Date February 16, 2003
Episode Guide
A Day in the Death...
Exeunt Omnes
"Junkyard Dawgs" is the seventh episode of the sixth season, and the fifty-fifth overall episode of the HBO television series Oz. Written by Tom Fontana and Chuck Schweitzer and directed by Theodore Bogosian, it originally aired on February 16, 2003. 


Junk is the theme of this episode.

Summary Edit

Two new drug peddlers arrive in Oz and try to scrape out a market between the Sicilians and the Homeboys, with two different results. Whose side is Keller really on? He pledges loyalty to both Beecher and Schillinger, with a kiss for each. McManus has one last chance to save Omar. Ryan keeps faith as Cyril's execution nears. Alvarez tries to right wrongs and keep in the straight life. Glynn continues digging into the web of the Mayors murder, but his investigation will come to an end, one way or another. 

Plot Edit

Deceased Edit

Crime Flashbacks Edit

Production Edit

Transcript Edit

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