Luis Ruiz
First appearance "Impotence" (episode 5.08)
Last appearance "Exeunt Omnes" (episode 6.08)
Reason/Cause End of Series
Position Parole Board
Gender Male
Age 40s
Spouse Unspecified
Relatives Unspecified
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 3 Episodes
Portrayed by Gary Perez
"I know you, Alvarez. I grew up on the same streets. I've seen hot headed dicks like you give every Latino a bad name. Well, the final score is this... You aren't getting out of Oz, not in three years, not in thirty, not ever. Oh, we'll still go through the procedure, but that's so each time your number comes up, I can see how much you've ripened. I'm going to watch you ripen until you rot."
Luis Ruiz[src]

Luis Ruiz is a visitor and parole board member featured in Oz. Portrayed by Gary Perez.

Character Summary Edit

He is a member of the parole board, who later becomes head of the parole board after Steve Dawkins retires.

Plot Summary Edit

Season 5 Edit

He is one of the parole board members present during Miguel Alvarez's hearing. After Alvarez delivers a speech about why he should be granted parole, Ruiz begins attacking Alvarez's character with an overview of Alvarez's activities in Oz including; his escape from Oz, his role in the Em City riot, cutting out Officer Rivera's eyes, and the killings of Carlo Ricardo and Jorge Vasquez. Alvarez responds by punching Ruiz in the face, then beating him up over the table.

Season 6 Edit

Tim McManus approaches Ruiz in an attempt to convince him to have a meeting with Alvarez, so that Alvarez can apologise for hitting him earlier. Ruiz tells McManus that he'd consider meeting with Alvarez. Later, during their meeting, Alvarez apologises for hitting Ruiz, and Ruiz reveals that he deliberately provoked Alvarez into hitting him because wanted to see if Alvarez could handle himself.

Ruiz then tells Alvarez that he is going to see to it that Alvarez is never granted parole because he believes Alvarez is giving Latinos a bad name. Alvarez confronts Ruiz, and Ruiz encourages him to hit him again, but Alvarez doesn't and instead leaves the meeting with Ruiz discouraged.

Appearances Edit

Season 5

Season 6

Gallery Edit

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