The inmates in Oz have many different connections and affiliations on the outside. Here are just some of the various affiliations the inmates have to the outside world.

List of Outside Affiliations Edit

The Mafia Edit

The Mafia also known as La Cosa Nostra, has had many of its members placed in Oz, and the Italian prison gang has become one of the most powerful in Oz.

The Bridge Street Gang Edit

One of the most powerful Irish street gangs, which was previously run by The O'Reily Brothers.

The Triad Edit

Though few Triad members have been featured, the ones who were, certainly left their mark on Oz.

El Norte Edit

A latino street gang, as their name suggests they are located somewhere in the northern part of the United States.

The Jefferson Keane Crew Edit

A street gang formerly run by hood gangster, Jefferson Keane and his brother, Billie Keane.

Redding Organization Edit

A criminal organization formerly run by war-veteran Burr Redding. Augustus Hill was also apart of this crew.

Los Diablos Edit

Another former latino street gang, Nothing much known about them. Correctional Officer Eugene Rivera was a member of Los Diablos.

The Russian Mob Edit

Also known as The Organizatze. Yuri Kosygin was a hitman for the Russian Mob.