Philip Featherstone.

Philip Featherstone is an Irish inmate featured in Oz. Portrayed by Brett Gillen.

Character Summary Edit

He is a background inmate in the Irish. He lives in Em City, and is mainly seen hanging around with Ryan O'Reily in Season 2 and Season 3. He disappears after Season 3, and is seemingly replaced by Liam Meaney.

Plot Summary Edit

Season 2 Edit


Featherstone's first appearance.

He is first seen in Em City, being one of the four Irish inmates allowed to live in the refurbished unit. He is commonly seen with Ryan O'Reily and Timmy Kirk. He is one of the participants of the GED program being taught by Jonathan Coushaine. He completes the course and later graduates with some of the other inmates, including his friend Kirk.

Season 3 Edit

Aside from supporting Cyril O'Reily during the boxing tournament, he doesn't have any other significant scenes. He is last spotted in Em City when Officer Murphy confiscates all of the inmates pornographic magazines as punishment for not keeping their cells clean.

Trivia Edit

  • Featherstone's actor, Brett Gillen's older brother worked as a corrections officer at San Quentin maximum security prison in California and would send ingenious, hand-made tools and weapons to the set to be used as props and set decoration.
The Irish

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