Pierce Taylor is an FBI agent on the HBO drama Oz. Portrayed by Robert John Burke.

Character Summary Edit

Pierce Taylor is an FBI agent first appears in season 4. During the show he tries to get Chris Keller convicted for the kidnapping, rape and murder of three homosexual men.

Plot Summary Edit

Season 4 Edit

He first appeared investigating the kidnapping of Tobias Beecher's children. While he suggests that Beecher's erstwhile lover, Chris Keller, is responsible, Beecher's suspicions of Vernon Schillinger prove to be correct.

Season 5 Edit

When Keller confesses to the death of Schillinger's son Hank, Taylor does not buy the story. He investigates and it is found that Keller lied about his part in the murder, as Chucky Pancamo is responsible. This leads to a war between the Italian inmates and Aryan Brotherhood led by Schillinger. When Keller returns to Oz, Taylor tells him that a witness has come forward implicating him in one of the murders. This witness, Jerry Heekin, testifies and Keller gets the death penalty. However, it is found that Heekin was on his third felony and given a deal by Taylor to erase the charge with help convicting Keller.

Season 6 Edit

Beecher, now paroled, has Keller death sentence overturned. This angers Taylor, who tries to get Beecher to testify against Keller when he violates parole. Keller eventually commits suicide and frames Beecher for the deed.

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