Preston Nathan is the late husband of Dr. Gloria Nathan, and the son of Lars and Patricia Nathan. He is mentioned by Dr. Nathan in the first season, when she says that they are seperated. With their separation, she has a brief relationship with Tim McManus. Later on the show, inmate Ryan O'Reily falls in love with Dr. Nathan and orders his brother Cyril O'Reily to kill Preston. Cyril uses a garrot wire to strangle Preston from the backseat of his car. A day later, Cyril is arrested and sent to Oz for the murder. Preston and Gloria Nathan were separated at the time of his death, according to Gloria in a reparation session with the O'Reilly brothers and Preston's parents. In this session, arranged by Sister Peter-Marie, Cyril is apologetic about the murder he committed and Ryan is rather callous. Lars and Patricia Nathan are resentful and distraught by the loss of their son, but forgiving of Cyril.

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