Burr Redding

Burr Redding, the former leader

The Redding Organization was a former crime empire lead by war-vetern, Burr Redding. The first glimpse of the organization is given when a high-ranking dealer named Augustus Hill, is imprisoned for murder and possession. After Hill's imprisonment, the organization isn't mentioned again until Season 4, when the leader, Burr Redding, is imprisoned for murder. It is implied that Redding's organization did many things, but were mostly drug traffickers. In Burr's crime flashback, Burr and another member can be seen in a fire-fight with a rival crew. This rival organization is never named, and it is never revealed why they were trying to kill each other.

List of Known Redding Organization members Edit

  • Burr Redding - Leader. Burr was the former leader of the organization, until his imprisonment in 2001.
  • Augustus Hill - Lieutenant. Augustus was one of Burr's lieutenants, he was probably the most close to Burr, as he was taught the drug trade by Burr himself.
  • Supreme Allah - Associate. Supreme was the only known associate, Augustus mentions to have known him, when they were still free.

It should be noted that in Burr's crime flashback, there is another unnamed member, who is killed in a fire-fight with a rival organization.

Current Status Edit

The current status isn't known, but as the leader was imprisoned, the organization could have had a falling out or could have just elected a new leader to run the crew whilst Redding served time. Either way, Redding never makes any mentions to the former organization, and doesn't seem to care whether it survived or not.