Ronald Barlog
Barlog as seen in his crime flashback.
First appearance "Conversions" (episode 4.10)
Last appearance "Revenge is Sweet" (episode 4.11)
Reason/Cause Neck Broken by Chris Keller
Prisoner No. 01B784
Aliases Ronnie
Gender Male
Age 30 (Deceased)
Date of Conviction January 12, 2001
Date of Death January 21, 2001
Affiliations Chris Keller
Spouse None
Relatives None
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 2 Episodes
Portrayed by Brian Bloom
"Chris, you know I would never jabber on you, man. They did make me an offer, but I turned those Fed fucks down right there. I told them, you know, "You can kiss my ass." It ain't happenin'."
Ronald Barlog[src]
Ronald "Ronnie" Barlog was an inmate featured in Oz. Portrayed by Brian Bloom.

Plot SummaryEdit

Prisoner #01B784. Convicted January 12, 2001 - Car theft. Sentence: 13 years, up for parole in 6.

Season 4Edit

When Barlog was brought to Oz, he recognized an old acquaintance, Chris Keller. Barlog got into a love triangle with Keller and his erstwhile lover, Tobias Beecher.

Beecher was Barlog's guide when he stepped into Oz, and the two became close. When Barlog was taking a shower, Keller tried to warn him not to get sexually involved with Beecher, but Barlog had replied that he had already done so.

Later on, when Barlog and Keller were weight training, Keller told him the story of how he was caught and was now serving 88 years for several murders. The two eventually had sex. The next time Beecher approached Barlog for sex, Barlog rejected his advances, saying that he had entered into a relationship with Keller. Beecher was angry, but respected Barlog's decision.


Chris Keller snaps Ronald Barlog's neck with his terrifying grip.

Soon after, Barlog was called to a meeting with FBI Agent Pierce Taylor, who offered Barlog reduced prison time if he testified against Keller on three unsolved murders. Knowing that Beecher was a former lawyer, he consulted him about the offer. Beecher went straight to Keller and told him about Barlog's treachery. Keller didn't believe Beecher at first, but Keller confronted Barlog in a storage room, asking him if he was an informant. Barlog denied it all and Keller asked him to perform oral sex. While Barlog performed oral sex upon him, Keller offhandedly confessed to committing the murders because the victims were all young, gay men and reminded him of something within himself that he hated. He then reached for Barlog's head and snapped his neck, brutally killing him.

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