Sanjay Afsana is a Muslim inmate featured in Oz. Portrayed by Conrad Lindsey.

Character SummaryEdit

Afsana is primarily a background character throughout the series in Emerald City. One of the more muscular Muslims, Afsana and Nacim Bismilla can be seen often with acting as a bodyguard to the Muslim leader.

Plot SummaryEdit

Season 1Edit

Afsana can be seen praying with The Muslims, and serving as Kareem Saïd bodyguard. During the riot, Afsana is a primary enforcer to Saïd. After the S.O.R.T team takes over Em City, Afsana, along with the rest of Em City's population, is sent to Gen Pop.

Season 2Edit

Afsana is one of the 4 Muslims let back into Em City, along with Kareem Saïd, Zahir Arif and Nacim Bismilla. He is also one of the few inmates who their GEDs. Later, during Ramadan, the Muslims are called into Warden Leo Glynn's office to determine which one of them should be pardoned by Governor James Devlin, and Saïd is being chosen. Saïd sees this pardon as a slick move on Devlin's part to gain popularity among African-American and Islamic communities alike and refuses at the press conference, publicly humiliating Devlin.

Season 3Edit

Afsana and the rest of the Muslims participate in a hunger-strike in an attempt for the prison system to recognize the importance of Ramadan. When Hamid Khan takes over The Muslims, Afsana can be seen as his bodyguard.

Season 4Edit

Khan is taken off the life support and dies, and Zahir Arif is now the leader. After a while, Arif asks Saïd to lead The Muslims again, and Saïd agrees, and Afsana is still serving as a bodyguard for the Muslim leader.

Season 5Edit

Afsana and the other Muslims are very doubtful of Saïd's attempts to rehabilitate Omar White. When White forces Saïd to anger by beating him viciously and subsequently being sent to the hole, Afsana and the other Muslims ignore White completely.

Season 6Edit

Afsana can be seen voting with the other Muslims for Zahir Arif to be the leader after Kareem Saïd's death. He can be seen working with the other Muslims in the book binding lab. After Burr Redding makes another inmate destroy the book binding lab, Arif finds out but keeps quiet. He later confesses to the rest of The Muslims and he is being excommunicated.

The Muslims

Kareem Saïd - Zahir Arif - Hamid Khan - Salah Udeen - Tizi Ouzou - Nacim Bismilla - Huseni Mershah - Jamal Yusef - Ahmad Lalar - Sanjay Afsana

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