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Episode No. 5
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"Straight Life" is the fifth episode of the first season and the fifth overall episode of the HBO series Oz. 

Theme Edit

"I ain't saying drugs are good. But when your past is past and your present sucks and your future holds nothing but broken promises and dead dreams, the drugs'll kill the pain. Listen up, America. You ain't ever gonna get rid of drugs until you cure pain."
―The Narrator

The theme and narration of the episode centers on the subject of Drugs. Drug usage increases in the prison and the staff makes efforts to stop the epidemic.

Summary Edit

The drug epidemic grows as the efforts of the staff fail to control it. Schibetta sides with The Homeboys  and offers them a deal, only to find out that one of them is not who he says he is and so plugs him up. Diane Whittlesey meets an old friend and joins him in smuggling cigarettes to make ends meet. Said is diagnosed with hypertension but refuses to take his medication. An anonymous tip leads to one of the officers getting arrested for smuggling drugs into Oz. McManus and Sister Pete find out that Beecher has found a new addiction to kill his pain; Sister Pete tries to get him into counselling but with no luck. Schillinger decides to give him a makeover.  

Plot Edit

Deceased Edit

  • Paul Markstrom: Hanged in the basketball gym by Simon Adebisi.

Crime Flashbacks Edit

  • Ronald Poklewaldt: Imprisoned for arson in the first degree.
  • Scott Ross: Imprisoned for possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute. (3rd conviction)
  • Whitney Munson: Imprisoned for murder in the first degree and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

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