The Bridge Street Gang was an irish street gang, run by Ryan O'Reily and his brother, Cyril O'Reily. The gang was formed while the O'Reily brothers were teenagers, and was a prominent irish crew. The gang thrived as the O'Reily brothers entered adulthood, gaining more members and more territory. The gang suffered a set back as it's second-in-command, Cyril, suffered a head injury, and was left in a child-like state. The gang was ultimately disbanded after the imprisonment of The O'Reily Brothers and the deaths of many prominent members, but is still remembered as a once powerful force.

List of Bridge Street Gang Members Edit

  • Ryan O'Reily - Leader and Co-Founder: Lead the gang up until his imprisonment in 1997.
  • Cyril O'Reily - Underboss and Co-Founder: Lost his Leadership so after a severe Brain-injury, but assumed to be a associate by favoring Ryan which led to his imprisonment a year later.
  • Mickey - Lieutenant, Helped Ryan lead the gang until his death in '96.
  • Liam Meaney - Lieutenant: One of Ryan's close friends and remained one of his allies in prison.
  • Patrick - Enforcer, Ryan's bodyguard. Remained a member of the gang until his death in a car accident in '97.
  • Timmy Kirk - Enforcer: One of Ryan's henchmen, and remained a member until his imprisonment, where he served Ryan O'Reily's Irish gang before joining the Christians in 2001.
  • Philip Featherstone - Enforcer: One of Ryan's less prominent henchmen, inprisoned alongside the O'Reily Brothers. Conviction date unknown.