The Mafia or La Cosa Nostra is an italian crime syndicate. Most italian inmates featured in Oz, were former members of the Mafia. Such as; Nino Schibetta, Antonio Nappa, Chucky Pancamo, and Dino Ortolani.

List of Known Mafia Members Edit

  • Nino Schibetta - Boss. Former Leader of the Mafia before his imprisonment in '95.
  • Antonio Nappa - Boss. Gained control of the Family after Nino Schibetta's imprisonment, and maintained control until his imprisonment in '98.
  • Chucky Pancamo - Enforcer. Mainly muscle for the Family before his imprisonment for killing his girlfriend.
  • Vinnie D'Angelo - Capo. The Unseen Uncle of Joey D'Angelo, mentioned to have been caught by the feds.
  • Peter Schibetta - Made Man. Son of Former Family leader, shunned from the family after he was sodomized by Adebisi.
  • Mario Seggio - Made Man / Enforcer. Another member which mainly serves as muscle.
  • Dino Ortolani - Made Man / Enforcer. Nino's right-hand man whilst in prison.
  • Frank Urbano - Hitman. An Enforcer who carries out hits for the family. Most famous kill; Augustus Hill.
  • Gaetano Cincetta - Hitman. An Enforcer who carries out hits for the family. Most famous kill; Hank Schillinger.
  • Salvatore DeSanto - Enforcer. Again, mainly serves as extra muscle for the family.
  • Don Zanghi - Enforcer. Not an official member, but does serve as Pancamo's lieutenant whilst in prison.
  • Joey D'Angelo - Made man/ bodyguard Nino's most trusted soldier in prison
  • Angelo Pancamo - Associate. Chucky Pancamo's nephew, Angelo was responsible for the mafia's night club rackets.

Family's Name Edit

It was never revealed what the name of the crime family was, but as Nino Schibetta was the highest ranking member, and the most respected, it can be assumed that it was called the Schibetta Crime Family.

Current Status Edit

The current status of the family isn't known, as most of its leaders and prominent members were either imprisoned or dead, but it is known that the family has a new leader, as Pancamo was given the okay to have Nappa killed by a higher-up. The new family leader wasn't given an identity though.