Tricia Ross is Scott Ross' half sister. She was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the state concerning the SORT team's riot response.

She and Said end up falling in love and she has multiple visits with him, attracting the attention and ire of both the Homeboys and the Muslims.

Tricia and Said hold hands and she even provides a picture of herself to Said for his cell. Said's sister mentions that Said apparently has a thing for white women.

She was threatened by the Muslims when she began visiting Said in prison; she reports receiving threatening phone calls at her home, warning her to stay away from Said

When the inmates win their lawsuit she tells Said that she is taking the money and moving to California. She tells Said that she loves him and begs Said to say he loves her. Said refuses, saying it will make their parting less difficult for the both of them. Said then leaves, effectively ending the relationship.

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