Vic D'Agnasti is a correctional officer played by Douglas Crosby

Character summaryEdit

A large officer and backup SORT team member, D'Agnasti is one of the most used COs in breaking up fights and restraining inmates throughout the series. He has a recurring role on the series, appearing on at least one episode every season. Vic is one of the most experienced CO in Oz. He is also known for being one of the most abusive, as he constantly attacks inmates for little to no reason.

The Correctional Officers

Diane Wittlesey - Lenny Burrano - Sean Murphy - Claire Howell - Clayton Hughes - Rick Heim - Gordon Wood - Karl Metzger - Eugene Rivera - Dave Brass - Len Lopresti - Jason Armstrong - Travis Smith - Joseph Howard - Adrian Johnson - Eddie Hunt - Vic D'Agnasti - Joseph Mineo - Lawrence Smith - Tom Robinson

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